What is Same Day Payday Loan?
Same day payday loan is an unsecured cash loan available up to $1500 as a short term loan. You can avail this cash advance for 14 to 30 days .

With poor credit rating, am I eligible to apply for payday loan?
Of course, you are still eligible for payday loan. You may apply for cash advance here as we do not check any credit rating.

Do I need to fax any document?
You are not required to fax any document in most of the cases. But you will need to fax the information if the lender requires you to do so.

Is Samedaypaydayloanshub.com a direct lender?
No. Samedaypaydayloanshub.com is not a direct lender. We are associated with prominent payday lenders in our payday network. Your information is matched with the lenders profile to avail you best possible option for cash advance.

How much can I receive?
You may borrow cash advance up to $1500. However the exact amount depends on your income as well as other personal and professional information and the lenders profile.

What are eligibility criteria to qualify for a loan?
Eligibility criteria are very simple to avail cash advance:

  • Regular monthly income of at least $1000
  • Citizen ship of United States
  • Bank account (Saving or checking)
  • Minimum age of 18 years to apply for the loan

Poor credit or no credit will not affect your eligibility to borrow cash advance payday loans.

Do I need to pay to apply for the loan?
You need not to pay any fee to us for loan approval. Once your application is approved the lender will send you the details of loan interest and fees to be paid at the time of repayment.

What if I repay the loan amount late or do not pay at all?
If you repay the loan amount late or do not make the repayment at all, you will have to pay some additional fee. You may have to face legal action by the lender for non payment of the loan amount. The case may be produced before a consumer reporting agency for non payment.

How much I have to pay for the loan?
The cost and APR of the loan depends on the information you provide in your application. The terms for this are disclosed in the application process, once you are directed to the website of the lender. Till now you have NOT accepted the loan. If the terms that are disclosed to you are not acceptable to you, do not sign the agreement.

Brief your renewal policy
Renewal policies are determined by the lender and not by us. Therefore renewal policy varies from lender to lender. It should be noted that some lenders may not debit your account for the full loan amount that will result in extra fees and a renewed loan. You should read the renewal policy carefully.

Are we allowed to have multiple loans at a time?
We do not recommend you to get multiple cash advance loans at a time. Much usage of cash advance with payday loans may accelerate debt problems due to their high interest rates and short repayment time.

How do you earn money?
Samedaypaydayloanshub.com receives commission from payday lender after successful loan approval by matching the lender with your profile. In case you are not matched with the lenders requirement, we do not get commission. We work hard to serve you better by associating top lenders into our payday network.

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