One Hour Payday Loan No Credit Check

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One Hour Payday Loans – A helping hand during financial crises

Majority of the people live on paychecks today.  You plan your month way before you get your salary and force to follow the tight budget that you set for yourself. Well, your attempt would be to save some money for your future needs but unfortunately things do not always work the way you want. Emergencies pop up from the dark all of a sudden and all your planning goes in vain.  Your first option would of course be to approach your friends to borrow some money and next, you would look up to your boss for a salary advance.  But, if your time is not too good, they may also show their back when you are in urgent need of money. Here comes the role of One hour payday loan no credit check service. You can get payday loan instantly and meet your urgent needs on time.

Here are few highlighted features of One hour loans without credit check

  • Easy to apply
  • Instant approval
  • No credit check
  • Direct credit to your account
  • Less or no paper work


All the banks around offer you different kinds of loans, probably at the lowest interest rate but you have to wait days or even weeks to get such loans approved. You have to submit documents, wait for the bank to verify your credit score and then finally wait for the approval seal on your file. Well, emergencies cannot wait for such a long time. Payday loan approval in one hour is almost like lending money from your close friend. Moreover no credit check is required to borrow cash. You can apply for it online and get the money transferred to your account in hours. All happens in a jiffy!

Minimum Requirements

There are not too many requirements to list out. If you are 18 or above years of old and if you have got a steady source of income, you are eligible to apply for a one hour payday loan.  You do not have to fax any document to prove your eligibility. All you need to do is, fill an online application and hit the submit button. The verification team employed by the financial institution would check if all the information provided by you is true and instantly approve one hour loan with no credit check.

Credit score is not a threshold

Every bank checks your credit score before punching the approval seal on your application and if your scores are not so impressive, they refuse to grant you the loan. One hour loan is different here, payday loan institutions do not measure your credibility based on credit scores. So no credit check is carried out. They just check, if you are capable of repaying the loan. So, people with low credit score can also apply for this one hour payday loan from direct lenders.

How to repay the loan?

While filling up the application for one hour payday loan, you authorize the lender to withdraw the loan amount (full amount or installment) on a particular date. If you want to extend the due date, you need to call up the lender and talk to the representative. If you want to pay off the loan on the due date, do nothing, the amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account on time.

To summarize, payday loan is a perfect lending system designed for this modern generation. Few clicks on the payday loan website can get you money instantly to meet up your unexpected, rather unavoidable financial needs when your pockets are empty.

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